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Natures Way Vitamin - Calcium Citrate 250 mg

Calcium Citrate 250 mg

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Detailed Description

Introducing our Calcium Citrate 250 Mg by Natures Way Vitamin, a premium nutritional supplement designed to support strong bones and teeth, proper muscle function, and overall health. This highly absorbable form of calcium helps meet your daily calcium needs effectively and efficiently. ...

Features And Benefits:

- High Absorbability: Calcium Citrate is more easily absorbed compared to other forms of calcium, making it an excellent choice for individuals with low stomach acid.
- Bone Health: Essential for the development and maintenance of strong, healthy bones and teeth.
- Muscle Function: Supports proper muscle contractions and function, helping you stay active and fit.
- Quality Assurance: Made with high-quality ingredients and manufactured under strict quality controls to ensure purity and potency.
- Convenient Dosage: Each serving provides 250 mg of Calcium Citrate, making it easy to fulfill your daily calcium needs.

Who Would Benefit:

This supplement is ideal for individuals looking to support their bone health, especially those who may have difficulty absorbing other forms of calcium. It's also beneficial for older adults, post-menopausal women, athletes, and anyone interested in maintaining healthy muscle function and overall wellness.

Recommended Dosage:

Take two tablets daily, preferably with meals, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Always consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement to ensure it is appropriate for your individual health needs.
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