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Our History

Founded in 1911, Willner Chemists evolved from an old-fashioned neighborhood Drug Store into one of the country’s leading nutritionally oriented Pharmacies. For 85 years, Willner Chemists could be found at the intersection of 39th and Lexington in mid-town Manhattan.

At first, Willners was much like any other Drug Store, a place to go to have your prescriptions filled, your questions answered, and perhaps a refreshing pause at the soda fountain. But Willners did not remain typical for long. In the 1970s, Irving Willner, working with the leading orthomolecular and holistic physicians of the day, developed a line of nutritional supplements that met their stringent and unique requirements for purity and potency. The Willner line of supplements quickly became the mainstay of alternative physicians, and was prescribed and sold widely throughout the country.

In 1992, Irv retired, selling the business to Don Goldberg and Arnie Gitomer. Don and Arnie lost no time in broadening the product mix, expanding the mail-order and later the web based business and reaching out to consumers through various educational avenues.

Many of those early pioneers of alternative medicine have been replaced by new faces, but Willner Chemists has continued to grow. Our shelves are now filled with nutritional supplements, herbal products, and homeopathic remedies. The Willner product line has grown into a full line of high quality herbal supplements. We are now more focused on serving the consumer as opposed to health care professionals.