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Every effort was made at the time this information was prepared to ensure accuracy. We try to update the product and price listings on the website in a timely manner. If you order an item via our website, and the price has changed, we will use the lower price if at all possible. We cannot be responsible, however, for price changes that take effect after data uploading to the website, for factory and/or supplier shortages or typographical errors. If there is a price discrepancy of such magnitude that we cannot ignore, we will contact you before filling the order and charging your card.

We urge you to check on current prices as often as you like. Use the product code numbers so that you can do so quickly and easily. When you call, or visit the store, it speeds the process if you have our product code numbers available.




Order Holds

If we determine that an item that you ordered will be arriving to us within five days, we may hold you shipment until the item arrives. When we ship a partial order to you and the missing item arrives, we will send it to you with no shipping charge. Your credit card will not be charged for items not sent.

If you do not want us to hold your order, let us know when we contact you and we will ship immediately. A fee for shipping your backorder will be charged.

Product availability is based upon information provided to us by the various manufacturers and suppliers. Sometimes they misjudge demand, and cannot provide us with product. We cannot be held responsible for such shortages.


If you choose to backorder an item that is shown not to be in stock on our website, we will check with you periodically to check to see if you still want the item. Please call us if you decide to cancel. If you do not cancel and we ship a backorder, you will be responsible for the cost of returning the product to us.


Inventory Levels

Willner Chemists website displays inventory levels for each product. It is possible that items which displayed as available might be out of stock by the time your order is processed. If this is the case, we will contact you to give you’re an anticipated delivery and find out if you would like to backorder the item.


Sale Prices

General Information

Willner Chemists offers most products listed at an every-day discount of 20% off list price.

In addition we run four special sales yearly. These sales are prominently shown on our website and in our Newsletter which is mailed to our customers. The newsletter lists the items featured during that sale period, often at discounts of from 25 to 50% off list price. If you are not on our mailing list, and wish to be, please provide us with your mailing address. You can call 1-800-633-1106, and choose menu option 1 or you can send an email to

In between the four sales previously mentioned, we run an “in-between sale” where no newsletter is mailed. You have to either check our website or stop by our store.

Sale Price Limitations

Products covered by a sale are limited to those listed on our website. We will try to accommodate your requests for other items, if they are available, whenever possible.


Domestic Shipping

Free Shipping

"Free Shipping" is available only on orders placed on the web site, with a product subtotal of at least $125.00, using "Best Way" shipping option. Usual restrictions (see above) apply. Please note that there may be an extra charge for extra heavy orders. We will contact you if this is the case.


Best Way Shipping
To keep shipping charges as low as possible, we recommend you choose "Best Way" when selecting the shipping method from the pull-down menu. This gives us the flexibility to choose between UPS , US Postal Service or Fedex depending on your location, package size, etc. This ground service can take from one to six days, depending on your distance from New York. The "flat-rate" charge for this "Best Way" service is explained below:



Shipping Price

Zone 1



Zone 2



Zone 3



Zone 4



Zone 5



Please note that there may be an extra charge for shipping extra heavy orders. We will contact you if this is the case.


Other Shipping Methods

If you prefer you can specify the type of ground service, UPS, Post Office or Fedex which may result in higher shipping charges. These choices and rates will be presented to you at order check out time.


Expedited Shipping

You can also specify Air Shipment--Next Day, 2nd Day or 3-Day. Again, there will be an additional charge. We will contact you, by telephone or email, to provide the actual charge if you designate one of these shipping methods. Or, you may want to phone, fax or email your order for immediate service.


Heat Sensitive Items

Certain items, including select probiotic supplements, are refrigerated in our warehouse to insure quality. During the months of June to August, we may not be able to ship these items due to heat conditions. If we do choose to ship, a free cold pack and thermal bag will be used. Although the cold pack will thaw during shipping and may not be cold when it arrives, it helps maintain a cooler temperature during transit. When ordering these items, select the fastest shipping method to your daytime location.

Willner Chemists will normally hold shipments that would have shipped on a Thursday or Friday until the following week to avoid having items sitting in Transit.

Items that are shipped with a cold pack or are otherwise heat sensitive include specific messaging and instructions on product pages, in the shopping cart and at checkout. These items are not eligible for replacement in the event that they warm or melt during shipping. Refund requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Our website will not quote shipping costs for international shipping. Please send an email to us at . Give us the items that you want and your address. We will provide you with the shipping cost.


Please be aware that any taxes and customs charges must be paid by you upon receipt of the package.  We do not know what these charges will be.


In addition, we do not know what the importation rules for each country are, and it is therefore your responsibility to determine if the products that you order are allowed into your country.  Willner Chemists will not refund you for any shipments seized by customs and not returned to us.  Any return shipping charges that we have to pay will be deducted when we return your payment.


For orders shipped outside the U.S., if an item is missing, damaged or you are not satisfied with it, please at 800-633-1106 or email us at to request a refund within 90 days of your purchase.

Due to both customs regulations and shipping costs, we unfortunately cannot issue replacements for items or orders shipped outside of the U.S.


We’re always here for you. On the rare occasion something goes awry such as damage or a wrong item shipped, our trusted customer service team is happy to offer a solution.

For domestic orders, if an item is missing, damaged or you are not satisfied with it, call us at 800-633-1106 or email us at within 30 days of your purchase.

We will update you as soon as your request has been processed or contact you by email if any additional information is required to process your request. In certain situations, descriptions and/or photos may be required.

·       Note that any request for a refund or replacement may be subject to review by our Customer Service team; completing the submission process is not a guarantee that it will be approved.

·       Replacements are subject to availability and will be shipped at no additional cost.

·       Refunds are issued to your original payment method for the purchase price of the item. If any promo codes were applied to the order or if the item was purchased on sale, you'll be refunded the amount that you paid after any applied discounts. Please allow 2-3 business days for the refund to reflect in your account, depending on your financial institution.

General Return Rules

·       The return must be initiated within 30 days

·       Refrigerated items cannot be returned unless the error was ours

·       Open items cannot be returned unless the error was ours


Canceling or modifying an order

There is a very limited window of time in which you are able to cancel it or make specific changes, including removing items and/or changing your shipping address and method . Call us at 800-633-1106 or email us at and we will try to help.

Once the limited window of time has passed, an order cannot be modified, even by our team.


What if I entered the incorrect shipping address?

Please contact us at 800-633-1106 or email us at immediately and we’ll do everything we can to re-route your package to the correct address. However, depending on the shipping carrier and the package’s status, we may not be able to re-route your package.

You are responsible for ensuring the information in your order is correct; we cannot offer refunds or replacements on orders for which the incorrect shipping address was entered at checkout.

What if my package shows as “Delivered” but I did not receive it?

If your order status or tracking details show that your package was delivered, but you can’t locate it, we recommend waiting at least 24 hours before taking action, as order status or tracking details may sometimes be changed ahead of a package’s delivery. Once that time has passed, try the following:

·       Look for a notice of attempted delivery.

·       Check nearby spots where the package may have been left.

·       Ask a neighbor if they accepted a delivery on your behalf.

·       Verify the shipping address on your order to ensure it was correct.

If you’ve followed the above steps and your package still cannot be located please contact us so we can help.