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Arnold Gitomer, R.Ph.


Arnie is a graduate of the Brooklyn College of Pharmacy (1965). After three years in retail pharmacy, he moved to industry, accepting the position of Chief Pharmacist with West Ward, and later, Columbia Pharmaceutical Company. Through his involvement in compounding, formulating and manufacturing, he developed an expertise in the technical aspects of nutritional supplement products. He then founded Lewis-Gitomer Labs, where he began to work closely with alternative health professionals. As a distributor of Nutri-Dyn Products, he became intimately familiar with the requirements of holistic practitioners, and the use of nutritional, glandular and homeopathic products. For two years, he taught toxicology at the New York Chiropractic College, and participated in numerous postgraduate training programs in applied kinesiology, nutritional blood chemistry analysis, and nutritional pharmacology. In, 1992, of course, he joined Don as co-owner of Willner Chemists.