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Cold and Flu Provisions

Cold and Flu Provisions

Article by Don Goldberg

Are You Ready for Cold and Flu Season?

There are a myriad of products available and deciding what to take it can be quite confusing. Simplify by breaking it down to two approaches, prevention and treatment. Treating symptoms almost seems easy; the big question is how to prevent. First things first, take a comprehensive multivitamin-mineral formula. Any nutritional deficiency can put a strain on your immune system and increase susceptibility to infection. Comprehensive multivitamin-mineral formulas contain the most nutritional bang for the buck because you’re getting the maximum amount of all the essential nutrients.

Our own Willvite™ Multivitamin-Mineral Formula is one of the best for quality and value. Second, take extra vitamin D! Think about it. Summer fun in the sun is over, days are getting shorter and we’re spending more time indoors. Deficiency in vitamin D is associated with increased susceptibility to infection as well as increased autoimmunity.  Research suggests that the safe upper limit for Vitamin D is 4,000IU/day. For moderate supplementation, a 1,000-2,000IU dose of vitamin D3 should be sufficient. Third, Probiotics! Insuring healthy intestinal microbiota is one of the best ways to support your immune system. Around 70% of human immunity is located in the gut, making it the largest immune organ. The gut acts as a barrier preventing the absorption of any unwanted microbes or toxins. Probiotics colonize the lining of the gut adding additional protection as well producing antibiotic and anti-inflammatory materials. Lastly, use an Immune Symptom Formula. Products that contain combinations of immune supporting herbs and nutrients can be very effective for both prevention and treatment.

Product Recommendations:

Examples of immune formulas are: Wellness Formula by Source Naturals, or System Well Ultimate Immunity by Nature's Way. Medicinal mushrooms are an important category in immune support. Two mushroom formulas to try are Phyto-Tech™ Mushroom Extract Complex by Willner Chemists or Lifeshield Immune Support by New Chapter.