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Willner Phyto Tech - Oregano Oil 70
Willner Phyto Tech - Oregano Oil 70
Willner Phyto Tech - Oregano Oil 70
Willner Phyto Tech - Oregano Oil 70

Oregano Oil 70

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Detailed Description

Product: Oregano Oil 70 by WILLNER CHEMISTS ...


Oregano Oil 70 **-Product features:** -This product is made with 100% natural oregano oil. -It is double the strength of most oregano oils on the market. -It is Non-GMO and does not contain any fillers or artificial ingredients. -It is bottled in a dark glass bottle to protect the oil from light degradation. -This product is vegan and is certified by the cruelty-free organization Leaping Bunny. -Each bottle contains 70% carvacrol, which is the highest concentration available. **-Supplement


** -Oregano oil has a wide variety of benefits due to its high carvacrol content. -It is an effective antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal agent. -It can be used to boost the immune system, fight off colds and flu, and speed up the healing process. -Oregan Benefits: . **What is it?** Origanum vulgare, or oregano oil, is a concentrated liquid extract made from the oregano plant. Like other essential oils, it is composed of a number of volatile compounds that give it its unique aroma and flavor. These same compounds are also responsible for its many health benefits. **Product Benefits:**
- May help to support a healthy immune system
- May help to relieve occasional digestive upset
- Contains powerful antioxidants **Supplement Benefits:**
- May help to fight against viral, bacterial, and fungal infections
- May help to reduce inflammation
- May help to improve digestion
- May help to improve respiratory function **

Recommended Dosage:

** The recommended dosage of oregano oil is 1-2 drops per day for adults, or as directed by a healthcare professional. Recommended dosage: **WILLNER CHEMISTS Oregano Oil 70** **
- UPC: 78833205141** **
- A Dietary Supplement** **
- Recommended Dosage:** Take one softgel three times daily with meals, or as recommended by a physician. **
- Supplement Benefits:** Oregano oil is a natural herb that has been used for centuries for its many health benefits. Its most well-known benefit is its ability to boost the immune system, but it can also help to improve digestion, relieve pain, and fight inflammation.
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