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Protocol For Life Balance - Omega 3 6 9 1000 mg softgel

Omega 3 6 9 1000 mg softgel

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Detailed Description

Product: OMEGA 3 6 9 1000 MG by PROTOCOL FOR LIFE UPC Code: 70735911835 Omega-3-6-9 is a natural supplement that contains a blend of essential fatty acids (EFAs) that are beneficial for maintaining overall health. The three main types of EFAs are omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9. These fatty acids are important for many bodily functions, including inflammation response, brain function, and cardiovascular health. Omega-3-6-9 supplements typically contain an equal ratio of each type of fatty acid, making it a well-rounded supplement for overall health. ...


PROTOCOL OMEGA 3 6 9 1000 MG Features: • Omega-3 6 9 Fatty Acids in a Balanced Ratio • 1000 mg Total Omega Fatty Acids • Promotes Cardiovascular & cognitive health † • EPA & DHA for maintaining healthy triglyceride levels † • GLA for maintaining healthy inflammation response † Description: Protocol Omega 3 6 9 1000 provides a balanced ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids from borage, fish, and flax seed oils. These essential lipids support cardiovascular and cognitive health.† EPA and DHA help to maintain healthy triglyceride levels already within the normal range,


Protocol for Life's Omega 3-6-9 offers a blend of three essential fatty acids: ALA (Alpha-Linolenic Acid), LA (Linoleic Acid), and OA (Oleic Acid), which cannot be naturally produced by the body and must be obtained through diet and supplementation. This highly potent formula provides 1000 mg of these important nutrients in each convenient softgel. Benefits:
- Support for the maintenance of cardiovascular health
- Helps to reduce serum triglycerides
- Maintenance of brain function and cognitive health
- Support for the health and function of the immune system
- Reduction of inflammation throughout the body

Recommended Dosage:

If you are taking the OMEGA 3 6 9 1000 MG manufactured by PROTOCOL FOR LIFE, the recommended dosage is 1-2 softgels daily with meals, or as directed by a healthcare professional.
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