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Douglas Laboratories - Magnesium liq

Magnesium liq

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Detailed Description

Product: Magnesium Liq by Douglas Laboratories UPC Code: 31053903938 Magnesium Liq is a dietary supplement designed to provide support for a healthy nervous and cardiovascular system. This product is easy to take, and provides a high level of magnesium in a convenient, liquid form. Magnesium is a critical mineral for many bodily functions, and this product can help ensure that your body gets the magnesium it needs. ...


Features: -Magnesium is an essential mineral for the human body that is involved in over 300 biochemical reactions. -Magnesium is necessary for proper muscle function, cardiovascular health, and bone health. -Magnesium deficiency is common, and can lead to symptoms such as muscle cramps, fatigue, anxiety, and high blood pressure. -Magnesium supplements can help to improve magnesium levels in the body and alleviate symptoms of deficiency. -Magnesium Liq from Douglas Laboratories is a highly bioavailable liquid magnesium supplement that can help to improve magnesium levels in the body. -Each bottle of Magnesium Liq contains enough solution for 60 days of supplementation.


Magnesium supplementation has many potential health benefits, including reducing the risk of stroke, lowering blood pressure, and improving heart health. Additionally, magnesium can help to prevent migraines, relieve anxiety and improve sleep quality. Supplementing with magnesium may also improve exercise performance, particularly in people who are deficient in this mineral.

Recommended Dosage:

The recommended dosage for Magnesium Liq is as follows: Adults, take 2-4 tablespoons (1-2 ounces) daily, preferably with a meal. Children (under 18 years), take 1-2 tablespoons daily, preferably with a meal.
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