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Douglas Laboratories - Mag Glycinate 100 mg

Mag Glycinate 100 mg

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Detailed Description

Product: MAGNESIUM GLYCINATE 100 MG by Douglas Laboratories UPC Code: 31053998006 Magnesium Glycinate 100 mg by Douglas Laboratories is a dietary supplement designed to provide the body with a highly bioavailable form of magnesium in order to support optimal health and wellness. Magnesium is a mineral that plays a vital role in many different bodily processes, including energy metabolism, protein synthesis, nerve function, and muscle contraction. This unique form of magnesium is bound to glycine, an amino acid that is known for its calming effect on the nervous system. As a result, magnesium glycinate is ideal for individuals who are looking for a way to promote relaxation and stress relief. Each capsule of Magnesium Glycinate 100 mg by Douglas Laboratories contains 100 mg of magnesium glycinate. ...


Magnesium glycinate is a dietary supplement that provides 100 mg of magnesium per serving. It is intended to help people who are deficient in magnesium, and it may also help improve various health conditions. Magnesium glycinate is well absorbed and has been shown to be effective in increasing magnesium levels in people who are deficient. It is also non-GMO and gluten-free.


Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a role in many bodily functions, including bone and muscle health, energy production, and nerve function. Magnesium glycinate is a chelated form of magnesium that is known for its high absorption and bioavailability. This means that it is more easily and effectively absorbed by the body than other forms of magnesium. Magnesium glycinate is also less likely to cause digestive upset than other forms of magnesium. Magnesium glycinate has a number of potential health benefits. First, it may helps to support bone health by helping to maintain bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Additionally, magnesium glycinate can help to prevent or reduce the severity of migraines and tension headaches. Mag

Recommended Dosage:

Take one capsule daily with a heaping teaspoon of honey and a full glass of water.
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