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Source Naturals - Calcium Night

Calcium Night

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Detailed Description

Discover the support you need for healthy bones and restful sleep with Calcium Night by Source Naturals, available at Willner Chemists. This specially formulated nutritional supplement combines essential minerals and calming herbs to provide comprehensive support for your body's nightly needs. Enhance your overall well-being with the ultimate nighttime calcium solution. ...




- Optimized Calcium Absorption: Contains a balanced blend of calcium and magnesium to support peak bone health and density.
- Herbal Calm: Includes soothing herbs like chamomile and jujube seed to promote relaxation and better sleep quality.
- Vitamin D3 Enrichment: Enhanced with Vitamin D3 to improve calcium absorption and fortify the immune system.
- Balanced Phosphorus Levels: Maintains appropriate phosphorus levels for effective calcium utilization in the body.
- Muscle Relaxation: Magnesium assists in easing muscle tension, which may help reduce nighttime cramps and discomfort.
- Delicious Natural Flavor: Comes in a pleasant, easy-to-swallow tablet form, ensuring you look forward to your nightly supplement.

Who Would Benefit:

: Calcium Night is perfect for individuals who aim to support their bone health and enjoy a restful night's sleep. It is especially beneficial for those who might be experiencing bone density concerns, restless nights, or muscle discomforts. Additionally, older adults, athletes, and anyone with an active lifestyle will find this supplement advantageous for maintaining overall skeletal and muscle health.

Recommended Dosage:

: For optimal results, take two tablets of Calcium Night just before bedtime. This dosage helps you harness the full benefits of enhanced calcium absorption combined with a calming effect to support peaceful sleep and bone health. Always consult with a healthcare professional before beginning any new supplement regimen.
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