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Celadrin is an innovative, natural ingredient shown to reduce inflammation and pain with no side effects.

Celadrin is an innovative, natural ingredient shown to reduce inflammation and pain with no side effects.


Celadrin® is a medically and clinically proven pain management compound developed through a proprietary process of esterifying oils. Celadrin® is an innovative, all natural ingredient which has been medically shown to reduce inflammation and pain with no side effects. Along with its many studies and scientific presentations, Celadrin® has been published on two occasions in the internationally acclaimed Journal of Rheumatology. Celadrin® systematically enhances and lubricates cell membranes throughout the body providing youthful cell fluidity and elasticity. This includes the enhancement of fluids that cushions your bones and joints to maintain flexibility and mobility so that you can move with ease and pain free. Celadrin® has been proven to provide cumulative (continuous and restorative) benefit. In a double blind clinical trial, oral Celadrin® showed significant benefit beyond the arthritic medication the subjects were taking – with cumulative improvement shown throughout the study.

In a double blind, matched pair topical cream study, conducted at the University of Connecticut, 100% of the osteoarthritic subjects on Celadrin® showed significant improvement in just 30 minutes and cumulative benefits throughout the remaining 30 days of the study. Patients were assessed for range of motion, pain levels, timed up and go, timed stair climbing and muscular endurance tests. Significance was demonstrated in every test.

The Celadrin® compound represents a matrix of fatty acid carbons which have been scientifically arranged to achieve maximum efficacy for joint mobility and health.

Celadrin® is a revolutionary complex which has been scientifically designed to restore mobility and relieve pain quickly.

What is it?

Celadrin® is comprised of innovative, targeted & proprietary cetylated fatty acid esters & other active synergists.

Celadrin's proprietary compound is scientifically designed to be absorbed rapidly and provide immediate and continuous/cumulative pain relief.

Celadrin®, available for either oral or topical applications, enhances cell membranes throughout the body and restores fluids that cushion bones and joints to promote flexibility and mobility without pain.

Celadrin® has been shown to be very safe & efficacious as evidenced by gold standard, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical & scientific studies.

Celadrin® is FDA compliant and non prescriptive.


Clinically shown for being fast acting (within 30 minutes) with rapid and deep absorption/penetration to the affected area

Clinically proven effective in both oral and topical applications

100% of the patients in the study on the proprietary cream showed significant benefit compared to the patients on the placebo

Celadrin® will provide speedy relief to aching, painful joints, muscles and tissues

No reported negative side effects – over 100 million Celadrin® pills distributed to date

For temporary relief of minor aches and pains associated with simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains

Tremendous market potential, "joint functions and mobility challenges" are a growing segment of musculo-skeletal health challenges that are estimated to cost $250 billion dollars annually, in the U.S. alone

Celedrin & Glucosamine: Synergistic Relationship

The cause of wear on the joint area can be attributable to inflammation as well as insufficient lubrication and cell membrane fluidity

Glucosamine has been clinically studied to generally show an increase in the range of motion & relieve pain at the same rate of Ibuprofen

Glucosamine assists in the rebuilding cartilage & the overall structure of the joint and has shown moderate effects on people with osteoarthritis