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Women's Health: Nutrients Improve Bone Health, Slow Bone Loss

Women's Health: Nutrients Improve Bone Health, Slow Bone Loss

Article by Arnie Gitomer

Women's Health: Nutrients improve bone health, slow bone loss

Vitamin D improves bone health

   Doctors wanted to test the effects of different doses of vitamin D on bone mineral density. In this study, 265 postmenopausal women aged 60 to 70 took a placebo, 400 IU, or 1,000 IU of vitamin D per day. After one year, vitamin D levels had declined by 11 percent for placebo, increased 94 percent in the low-dose vitamin D group, and increased 129 percent in the high-dose vitamin D group.
   Only the high-dose vitamin D group saw a benefit in bone mineral density, which declined by 0.05 percent, compared to 0.57 for the low-dose vitamin D group and 0.60 for placebo.
   One month after the study ended, vitamin D levels continued to decline in all groups, but remained in the normal range for those who had taken vitamin D.
Reference: Journal of Bone and Mineral Research; 2013, Vol. 28, No. 10, 2202-13

Vitamin K slows bone loss

   In Japan, doctors treat osteoporosis with a high, 45-mg daily dose of a type of vitamin K2, menaquinone 4. In this study, researchers gave a placebo or a low daily dose of 1.5 mg of vitamin K2 to 48 postmenopausal Japanese women.
   After 12 months, high osteocalcin levels—a sign of vitamin K deficiency and low bone mineral density—had declined in the vitamin K group. Also compared to placebo, the vitamin K group had fewer signs of the protein damage that increases chances for bone fracture. Researchers then measured bone mineral density of the forearm, which decreased in the placebo group but improved in those taking the low dose of vitamin K2.

Reference: Journal of Bone and Mineral Metabolism; May, 2013, Published Online