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Whey Protein Supports Muscle Strength in Older Women

Whey Protein Supports Muscle Strength in Older Women


As the body ages, muscles naturally lose strength and mass. In this study, 70 older women took a placebo or 35 grams of whey protein before or after three resistance training sessions per week for 12 weeks. Prior to the study, the women had practiced resistance training to pre-condition their bodies.

Compared to placebo, women who had taken whey protein either before or after resistance training saw increases in skeletal muscle mass, lower limb lean soft tissue, muscular strength, and functional capacity.

Commenting on the results, doctors said taking whey protein before or after resistance training may prevent loss of muscle mass and strength, and improve physical functioning in older adult women.

(Reference: Nutrients; May, 2018, Vol. 10, No. 5, 563)

Whey protein is isolated from the water soluble proteins in milk. Casein is derived from the water insoluble portion. Whey is one of the highest quality proteins available in supplement form, second only, perhaps, to egg white. Another advantage of whey protein isolate is that it is bland in flavor, making it easy to use, whether as a muscle builder, meal replacement, or for immune support. Make sure the product contains whey protein “isolate,” as other forms of whey (concentrate, powder, etc) contain varying amounts of lactose.

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