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Whey Protein Speeds Exercise Recovery

Whey Protein Speeds Exercise Recovery


It is a long held belief by weight lifters and body builders that high protein intake enhances muscle growth and definition. There may be other advantages and benefits as well, as shown by the following research.

During high-intensity exercise, the brain competes with the body for oxygen, reducing performance. In this study, 15 Division I collegiate basketball players consumed whey protein as 36 percent of total calories or 12 percent of total calories, in a carbohydrate-based drink right after a one-hour intense cycling challenge.

After resting for two hours, they repeated the exercise at a slightly higher intensity until exhausted. Those in the high-protein group had better brain oxygenation and less demand for blood to the brain, and cycled 16 percent longer than those in the low-protein group.

(Reference: Nutrition Journal; 2018, Vol. 53, 34-7)