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Vitamin Supplement Boosts Mood and Memory in Elderly

Vitamin Supplement Boosts Mood and Memory in Elderly

Article by Don Goldberg

Vitamin Supplement Boosts Mood and Memory in Elderly.

Older people can begin to forget important information they previously were easily able to recall, such as appointments, conversations, or recent events. Others may lose the ability to make sound decisions, judge time, the sequence of steps to complete a task, or visual perception. These signs of mild cognitive impairment may or may not progress to more serious cognitive conditions.

In this study, 48 adults with mild cognitive impairment and depressive symptoms, age 65 and older, and living in a care facility, took a placebo or a multivitamin with vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid.

After 12 weeks, while there were no changes for placebo, those in the B-vitamin group saw improvements in cognitive test scores and had significantly fewer depressive symptoms. Doctors also measured signs of inflammation and found lower homocysteine levels in the B-vitamin group.

(Reference: Journal of Nursing Scholarship; February, 2016, Published Online)    

Additional Comments from Don Goldberg

“I’m old. I don’t have much longer to live. Why should I keep taking pills.”

If you have elderly parents, maybe you have heard this. Perhaps they are struggling with early stages of dementia. They may have problems remembering if they took their “pills” or not. They get confused about what they should take, when they should take it and how many.

It can be frustrating. I have had the unsettling experience of dealing with this with one of my parents in the past, and with my wife’s mother now. We want to help them as much as possible, but it is not always easy.

I remain convinced that providing optimal nutrition is essential. And, because eating healthy at that stage is not always easy to achieve, vitamin and mineral supplementation is necessary. But it has to be done in an uncomplicated, simple manner. This is why I rely on Willvite–a broad spectrum multivitamin and multimineral supplement, with all the basics in one product–including calcium and magnesium.

The dose is two to four tablets a day. I’m not saying that there might not be other supplements they can and should take, but if this was the only one they could handle, it would be highly beneficial. One or two tablets, twice daily, with meals, is ideal. If this is too difficult, they can take two tablets once daily–preferable with breakfast or dinner.

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