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Treat Eczema with Probiotics

Treat Eczema with Probiotics


Atopic dermatitis, the most common form of eczema, is a defect in the skin immune system that causes severe itching, scaling, and surface loss of the skin. 

In this study, 50 children and young adults, aged 4 to 17 with moderate atopic dermatitis, took a placebo or a probiotic containing B. lactis, B. longum, and L. casei, while continuing to use topical corticosteroids for skin flare-ups.

After 12 weeks, those taking probiotics saw an 83 percent reduction in symptoms compared to 24 percent for placebo. Also, those on probiotics reduced by 29 percent the number of days requiring topical corticosteroids to treat skin flare-ups.

Commenting on the findings, doctors said probiotics could be used more widely in clinical practice to treat atopic dermatitis.

Reference: JAMA Dermatology; November, 2017, 3647, Published Online

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