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Supplements for the Immune System: Suggestions and Links to Product Informatioon.

Supplements for the Immune System: Suggestions and Links to Product Informatioon.

Article by Don Goldberg

Supplements for the immune system

The following selection of nutritional and herbal supplements represents a broad selection of products that may be appropriate for various health problems. It is to be used as a guide, or starting point, in evaluating the various types of immune support supplements available, and deciding which product is right for you. It should be remembered, however, that for optimal immune function, optimal nutrition should be considered the first step. A good high potency, broad spectrum multivitamin and multimineral supplement or combination of supplements should be the basis of any immune support regimen.

For additional help, I suggest you read the article by Dr. Michael Murray, reprinted in the Willner Chemists Jan-Feb Sale flier. Also, check the link to HealthNotes on our web site home page, and look at the information they offer under Health Concerns/Immune Function. For most of the supplements that follow, look for the advertisements in the current issue of the Willner Chemists sale flier, or click on the product links that follow each product.

Other options: On our web site, under "Product Quick Search," choose "Immune System Support" under the "By Health Topic" search box drop-down menu.

And finally, to see a list of all of the products that follow, with prices and and "info" links, click here.

      Don Goldberg

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Daily Immune Veg Caps (Country Life)

A Mushroom & Enzyme Based Immune Support Complex

Daily-Immune™, a unique and powerful immune supporting formula to be taken every day to enhance immune function. Daily-Immune™ embraces the traditional use of of medicinal mushrooms by using a unique combination of Maitake and Shiitake mushrooms called

MycoFusion™ which contains MaitakeGold 404®, a mushroom extract that has been patented for its immune supporting qualities.

In addition, this formula provides a lysozyme that has been shown to beneficially support the body's immune system from many negative elements, antioxidant vitamin C from camu camu berry, ascorbic acid, holy basil and bromelain from pineapple.

For More Information: #44985

Wellness Formula (Source Naturals)

Products designed to support the immune system when under physical stress. Wellness Formula® contains a powerful combination of herbs, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals formulated to boost your well-being.

For More Information: #20664

Anti-V Formula (Natural Factors)

A potent formula of herbals extracts that boost the immune system, including clinically proven Echinamide.

For More Information: #40881, 40898, 43254, 40901

Well Max (Country Life)

A blend of vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals designed to help support overall wellness. Containing Ester-C® and Echinacea as well as tonic herbs like Eleuthero & Mushroom extracts for enhanced vitality.

For More Information: #16111

Wellness Optimizer (Jarrow Formulas)