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Respiratory Health: The Role of Supplemental Microdose DNA (Mucolyxir)

Respiratory Health: The Role of Supplemental Microdose DNA (Mucolyxir)

Article by Arnie Gitomer

Respiratory Health: The Role of Supplemental Microdose DNA

Recently, we have run the follow advertisement on the Willner Window radio program:

“You can count on Allergy Research Group to bring you the latest in cutting edge nutritional supplements. One of the new products is Mucolyxir.

“Mucolyxir™ is a DNA-based nutritional supplement, utilizing DNA from wild Pacific salmon. One method by which the body attempts to keep the lungs clear of mucus is to mount an immune response against the agent(s) causing the problem. When the attempts to eliminate foreign material fail, excessive DNA can build up from lysed white blood cells, resulting in viscous mucus. The small amount of DNA in Mucolyxir™ is thought to balance mucus levels via a regulatory mechanism.* Based on pre-clinical investigations and clinical trials, Mucolyxir™ appears to support cilia motion, and liquification and elimination of mucoid substance.*

“Mucolyxir, from Allergy Research Group, in 10 ml dropper bottles, now available at Willner Chemists.”

What exactly is this new technology? Is it in the “too good to be true” category, or is there really justification for serious consideration?

Generically, the ingredient in Mucolyxir is “microdose DNA, from natural sources.”

The following information will provide you with details on why this new product has taken the integrative medical community by storem. It appeared in InFocus, The NutriCology Newsletter, and is reprinted here with permission of Allergy Research Group.

DNA for Respiratory Health

The New Frontier Has Begun

DNA has been found to go way beyond its role in genetic coding. It has been used to act as a ‘signaling molecule’ in respiratory health, mucus regulation, and potential cilia movement.

The characterization of deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, by James Watson and Francis Crick in 1953 (Nobel Prize, 1962) ranks as one of the great scientific achievements of the 20th century. This was the focal point for the burgeoning field of molecular biology, which is the study of molecules that constitute the life process.

Research in this area has exploded in the last fifty years. DNA codifies, in its nucleotide sequences, the codes of life, which are at the core of our molecular origins of life and its progression. The Human Genome Project, which determined the exact sequence of the human genome, will have great impact for many decades and centuries to come in the areas of health, life span, politics and procreation. In many ways our genetics determine much of who we are and how we are.

Synthetic Stimulatory DNA

There is a newly discovered regulatory use of synthetic stimulatory DNA as a signaling molecule. We will start with a concise review of published scientific literature which focuses on the use of a single sequence of synthetic DNA composed of guanine and cytosine, that has been shown to exert a profound effect on immunity, allergy, and inflammation. This synthetic DNAis being intensively studied for use as a vaccine, an immunotherapy and much more. It appears to be generally safe, fastacting and dramatic. However, more research will be required for its full development as an FDA-approved DNA drug. Millions have already been spent and dozens of resear