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Probiotics Can Reduce Antibiotics Use

Probiotics Can Reduce Antibiotics Use


A major concern in medicine today is the overuse of antibiotics. Doctors prescribe antibiotics, often at the insistence of their patients, for types of infections that they are not effective against. One dangerous result of this practice is the development of "antibiotic-resistant" microorganisms.

One exsample is how people often insist on antibiotics for viral illnesses such as colds, flu, and respiratory infections, for which antibiotics are ineffective. 

A growing body of evidence, however, suggests probiotics can effectively treat such infections. Doctors reviewed 12 clinical trials that treated infants and children for respiratory, digestive tract, and ear infections and found lactobacillus and bifidobacterium reduced the need for antibiotics by 29 percent. In another group of five of the most rigorous studies, probiotics reduced the call for antibiotics by 53 percent. Studies lasted from four days to nine months.
(Reference: European Journal of Public Health; 2018, cky185, Published Online)

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