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Male Enhancement: Will You Be Smiling?

Male Enhancement: Will You Be Smiling?

Article by Don Goldberg

"Male Enhancement" . . . will you be smiling?

Have you seen those ubiquitous TV commercials for "Enzyte?" You know, the ones with "Smiling Bob." Why is Bob smiling? Because he took Enzyte, "the once a day tablet for male enhancement."

We are not told, of course, just what type of "enhancement" they are talking about, but you can guess. Unfortunately, we are also not told just what it is in this product that makes it able to achieve so much (from so little?).

What we are told is that we can get a free 30 day sample. Is this a deal, or what?

You are given a toll free number to call, so that you can place your order. Maybe you can find out a little more about the product if you call that number also–I don’t know for sure. They do provide a web site address on the screen as well–

Now, I always criticize people for buying things like this, products that make claims that seem too good to be true, purely on faith. Aren’t you just a little bit curious about how a non-prescription product can have so much benefit? What’s in it? Is it safe? Is there any basis for their claims–studies, research, proof of any type?

So I went to their web site, and here is what I found:

(1.) What is in the product? Nothing new, it turns out. It contains a "Proprietary Blend" of

"Tribulus Terrestris extract (aerial), L-Arginine Base, Korean Ginseng, Maca (Lepidium meyenii) (root), Orchic Substance, Epimedium Sagitatum extract (aerial), Yohimbe Extract (Pausinystalia yohimba)(bark), Muira puama (aerial), Avena Sativa extract (aerial), Zinc Gluconate-200% DV, Ginkgo Biloba extract (leaf), Saw Palmetto (Serona repens) (berries), Niacin-150% DV, Copper Gluconate-200% DV, Octacosonal, Thymus Gland." There is 30 mg of Niacin and 15 mg of Zinc.

I say nothing new, and that is what I expected. This is just a variation on hundreds of similar products already on the market, containing every supposed aphrodisiac herb, vasodilating vitamin, and male-oriented supplement known to our industry.

Of course, since it is a "proprietary blend," you will have a hard time comparing it to other products. No quantitative data is provided, except for niacin and zinc, and I strongly disapprove of that. How much Arginine is in the product, for example? How much tribulus, maca, ginseng? And are these herbs extracts or concentrates? Are they standardized?

Do you know what "orchic substance" is? Do you know what animal it comes from?

Equally important, is it safe?

(2.) Is it safe? It’s hard to answer this question. While there are ingredients listed that could pose safety concerns, because there is no quantitative information provided, we do not know if there is enough present to be potentially harmful–or, by the way, potentially beneficial?

In the news, recently, a list of twelve dangerous supplements to avoid was provided by Consumers Union. While I don’t totally agree with their list, I think it is significant to note that three of the ingredients of Enzyte are on that list! One is yohimbe, and the other two–orchic and thymus–are glandular tissue concentrates. Orchic tissue, for those who may not know, is testicles.

Yet there are no cautions or warnings on their web site. There are no contraindications. This product contains numerous ingredients that have a vasodilating action. Shouldn’t those with blood pressure problems be made aware of its potential effect on blood pressure?

The closest thing I can find to a warning is in the "frequently asked questions" section, where they answer the question: "Is Enzyte for everyone?" with the response: "Everyone’s body is different. Results with Enzyte may vary. Talk to your doctor if you have any medical concerns."

Products that contain yohimbe should have a warning. Responsible companies include a long list of cautions, including high blood pressure, heart, kidney, and thyroid disease, psychiatric problem