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Magnesium Strengthens Bone, Reduces Fracture

Magnesium Strengthens Bone, Reduces Fracture


Evidence has been mounting that magnesium increases bone mineral density, but until now studies linking magnesium and chances of fracture have been inconclusive.

In this study, doctors measured magnesium in the diets of 3,765 people, average age 61, over a follow-up period of eight years. Those who got the most magnesium on average from food and supplements-398 mg per day for men, 373 mg per day for women-were 53 and 62 percent, respectively, less likely to have developed a bone fracture compared to men and women who got the least magnesium in the diet.

Based on these findings, and because magnesium is both safe and affordable, doctors suggest public health officials consider recommending taking magnesium supplements as a preventative against bone fracture in the general population. 

At Willner Chemists, we have long been urging customers to utilize a calcium supplement that includes magnesium rather than a plain calcium supplement. In Willner's comprehensive multivitamin multimineral formula, Willvite, magnesium is included along with calcium. In fact, the ratio of magnesium to calcium has been increased in the newly revised formula..

Reference: British Journal of Nutrition; 2017, Vol. 117, No. 11, 1570-6