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Healthy Youthful Skin

Healthy Youthful Skin

Article by Don Goldberg

Ultraviolet sunlight damages skin, and natural compounds like zeaxanthin, the bright yellow antioxidant carotenoid that protects the eye, also protects the skin. In this study, 31 older women took a placebo or a supplement containing zeaxanthin, buckthorn fruit oil, wheat ceramides, alpha lipoic acid, green tea, red clover leaf, gotu kola seed, Pycnogenol®, and vitamins C, D and E. A third group received the supplement protocol plus applied an antioxidant skin cream with hyaluronic acid. The placebo group did not change, but the active groups had more hydrated skin at two weeks, fewer fine lines at four weeks, and less-severe wrinkles at 12 weeks, with plumper, smoother skin.

Reference: Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology; June, 2016, Published Online



This is interesting. There are so many skin healthy ingredients in this protocol, how could there be any other outcome. I think it’s important to remember that therapeutic results are better achieved when natural compounds are given in combination, creating a synergistic effect. To maintain healthy, young looking skin it makes sense to choose supplements that protect against oxidative stress, aging, inflammation, overexposure to sunlight light, and help promote collagen production. The following is a brief description of the ingredients used in the study. Carotenoids like zeaxanthin provide protection to the eyes and skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Ceramides are natural components of the skin that provide moisture and structure, and help maintain skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles and prevent thinning of the skin. Lipoic acid is well known as an antioxidant with an ability act in both fat and water soluble tissue. This quality allows lipoic acid to be absorbed in many types of tissue, like the skin, to prevent aging. Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide widely distributed in connective tissue and because of its unique capacity for retaining water; its function in the body is to provide hydration and lubrication in the joints and skin. Gotu kola, also called centella asiatica, is an herb often used for circulation that may inhibit enzymes that break down collagen while simultaneously increase the rate that collagen is synthesized. Any increase in collagen synthesis will cause firmness and tightening of the skin. Vitamin D helps maintain healthy skin by regulating epidermal cell growth. Supporting and maintaining normal cell growth can help prevent skin from sagging and becoming thin and dry. Try a combination of some or all of the listed products and see if you get the same results. And don’t forget to use a topical cream like the one used in the study. To help you find a cream, ask one of our pharmacists or nutritionists to assist you.

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