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Healthy Hearts: Nutrients improve heart health in men and women

Healthy Hearts: Nutrients improve heart health in men and women

Article by Arnie Gitomer

Keeping Hearts Healthy: Nutrients improve heart health in men and women

L-carnitine improves survival
Doctors reviewed 13 studies, covering 3,629 people who had had a first heart attack. Participants began taking the amino acid L-carnitine or a placebo along with other cardiovascular therapies. During the follow-up period after the heart attack, overall compared to placebo, those who had taken L-carnitine were 27 percent less likely to have passed away for any reason, were 41 percent less likely to experience chest pain, and were 65 percent less likely to have episodes of irregular heartbeat.
In several of the studies where participants continued to take L-carnitine for six months to a year, doctors said those that survived had more stable heart muscle cells and more healthy heart muscle tissue.
The results suggest L-carnitine may improve survival after a first heart attack and help prevent a second one, doctors said.
Reference: Mayo Clinic Proceedings; 2013, Vol. 88, No. 6, 544-51

Men and women benefit from different omega-3s
Earlier short-term studies found omega-3s affected blood clotting differently in men and women. Doctors wanted to see if these effects would continue when taking omega-3s longer term. In the study, 94 healthy men and women took a placebo or 1,000 mg EPA with 200 mg DHA, or 1,000 mg DHA with 200 mg EPA, per day.
After four weeks, overall for men and women compared to placebo, the tendency to form blood clots was 12 and 15 percent lower for EPA and DHA, respectively. Looking at men and women separately, doctors found women benefited most from DHA while men responded best to EPA, both experiencing about an 18 percent improvement.
Reference: The Journal of Nutrition; 2013, Vol. 143, No. 4, 457-63

My suggestion for a carnitine supplement suited for those with concerns about their heart health is “GPLC.”

GPLC  is a propionyl ester of carnitine (PLC) that includes a glycine component. Compared with other forms of carnitine, PLC exhibits a special affinity for muscle tissues, including those of the heart and skeletal muscles.* GPLC is a powerful antioxidant that scavenges free radicals – protecting against lipid peroxidation, assists in energy production – contributing to proper carbohydrate metabolism, improved muscle function and reduced lactic acid buildup during low-oxygen conditions such as exercise,* and provides powerful support for peripheral arterial blood flow.*
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