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Your Health Prostate: Role of Flower Pollen Supplements
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Your Health Prostate: Role of Flower Pollen Supplements

Your Healthy Prostate
by Deborah Arnoldy - LPN, BA

The Oxford Dictionary defines pollen: pollen - pólen - n., the fine dust like grains discharged from the male part of a flower containing the gamete that fertilizes the female ovule. Is it merely coincidence then that the largest portion of clinical studies on standardized flower pollen extract have been found to be beneficial toward the healing and protection of an unhealthy male prostate? Read on…
Standardized flower pollen extract is clinically studied by major universities and pharmaceutical companies all over the globe in an effort to discover cures for disease processes such as failing liver function related to toxins and poisons. To date there are over 29 clinical studies on the prostate alone. Other areas of study include upper respiratory conditions, influenza, rheumatism and arthritis, cosmetic and dermatological applications including the treatment of acne and burns, and current research reveals that pollen contains the trace elements necessary for humans to process stress (the immune system). 
Probably the most widely studied and highly applauded application for standardized flower pollen extract lies in its ability to decrease the size and congestion of the male prostate gland. In close to 30 clinical trials conducted all over the globe sufficient evidence validates the data that pollen plays an important role in the reduction of the size of the prostate related to benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), non-bacterial prostatitis, and the regulation of prostate cell growth in about 70% of the tested subjects. Pollen extract has also been studied and proven to be beneficial in prostate related problems such as faulty urinary elimination as evidenced by difficulty starting and stopping a urine stream, poor urinary flow rate, frequent trips to the water closet, and an inability to completely empty the bladder. In approximately 60% of the people who take pollen extracts there have been minor-to-significant reductions in the PSA levels as well. 
In men with infertility problems related to prostate disorders flower pollen extract is a key component to increasing the occurrence of fertility. Standardized Flower Pollen Extract was a focus of clinical studies conducted in Japan. Seventeen infertile male patients affected by nonbacterial asymptomatic pyospermia underwent treatment with 6 standardized flower pollen tablets daily over 12 weeks; then measured for sperm density, progressively motile sperm ration sperm motility and PMN-lactase activity in semen. In all patients measured the following improvements occurred; progressively motile sperm ratio, sperm motility and PMN-lactase activity in seminal fluid were improved. In conclusion the administration of standardized flower pollen extract is effective in the treatment of infertile males associated with nonbacterial, asymptomatic pyospermia. Perhaps the most impressive attribute of the flower pollen extracts is that people usually obtain benefits in more than one area of prostate disorder. 
Prostate growth is inevitable in the majority of our aging male population. The biggest concern for men is that BPH, non-bacterial prostatitis, prostadynia, and prostate congestion of unknown origin are diseases that are becoming more prevalent; even in men as young as their 30s and 40s. The protection of the prostate gland greatly depends upon lifestyle choices and changes that will enable men to have better control in warding off disease. Some of these changes include decreasing fat and red meat intake, limiting or eliminating alcohol intake, choosing non-impact type of aerobic activities, drinking at a minimum 8, 8 oz. glasses of filtered water before 3:00 in the afternoon, and daily nutritional supplementation. Standardized Flower Pollen Extracts can aid in the prevention of prostate disorder as well as contribute to resolution. Some excellent books<