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Fish Oil Protects Against Air Pollution

Fish Oil Protects Against Air Pollution


Airborne fine particles smaller than the diameter of a hair, from cars, fires, construction sites, and unpaved roads, can enter the lungs and bloodstream with adverse health effects. This is certainly of concern to those of us who live in New York City, Los Angeles, etc. We have been told in the past that anti-oxidant nutrients, vitamin A, etc, can protect us from this danger. Another answer seems to the EPA-DHA rich fish oil, as the following seems to demonstrate.

In this study, 65 healthy Shanghai, China college students took a placebo or 2,500 mg of EPA- and DHA-rich fish oil capsules per day. During the five-month study, campus levels of airborne fine particles no larger than 2.5 micrometers averaged 38 micrograms per cubic meter of air (Êg/m3), significantly higher than the 35.4 Êg/m3 level governments consider unhealthy.

Doctors measured blood pressure, systemic inflammation, blood vessel flexibility, oxidative and antioxidant activity, and other heart and metabolic factors. 

Compared to placebo, those taking EPA/DHA maintained stable levels of most of these biomarkers, with beneficial effects on inflammation, coagulation, blood vessel function, oxidative stress levels, and hormonal responses.

(Reference: Journal of the American College of Cardiology; 2019, Vol. 73, No. 16, 2076-85)

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