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Fenugreek and Sexual Function

Fenugreek and Sexual Function

Article by Don Goldberg

Fenugreek and Sexual Function

Study shows increased serum testosterone levels.

India and North Africa have traditionally used fenugreek to treat sexual dysfunction in men. Fenugreek may improve sexual function in part by increasing testosterone levels, which decline with age. In this study, 120 healthy men, age 43 to 70, took a placebo or 600 mg of fenugreek seed extract per day.

After 12 weeks, compared to placebo, men in the fenugreek group had higher levels of serum and free testosterone. Men taking fenugreek also reported more morning erections and more frequent sexual activity compared to the start of the study.

Discussing the findings, doctors said this is the first published study of fenugreek seed extract and male hormone deficiency, and that fenugreek may help improve sexual function in aging men.

(Reference: The Aging Male, Taylor & Francis; January, 2016, Published Online)    


Additional Comments from Don Goldberg

Please see the monograph for Fenugreek in the PhytoTech reference catalog listing. In addition, one of the references in Natural Medecines database reads as follows:

“Preliminary clinical research suggests that taking fenugreek seed oil 12 macro drops orally three times daily for 4 months improves sperm count from 6.2 million to 20.1 million, increases sperm motility from 43% to 61%, and reduces sperm abnormality from 68% to 53% compared with baseline in male patients with oligospermia. However taking the remaining fenugreek seed components 10 grams three times daily for 4 months does not seem to have this effect.”

This seems to indicate that the oil soluble components of fenugreek seed are responsible for this activity. Thus, an alcoholic extract (tincture) might be more effective than a powder concentrate for this purpose. The Willner Chemists PhytoTech liquid extract, product code 57081 is available in a one fluid ounce bottle.