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Fatigue: Several Supplement Solutions NTFactor and Propax; Taurox

Fatigue: Several Supplement Solutions NTFactor and Propax; Taurox

Article by Don Goldberg

Fatigue : More than one treatment option.

According to HealthNotes,©* under “chronic fatigue syndrome:”
Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is disabling fatigue lasting more than six months that reduces activity by more than half. CFS is a poorly understood disease involving many body systems. No single cause of CFS has been identified, therefore, it is diagnosed by symptoms and by ruling out other known causes of fatigue by a healthcare practitioner.
Suggested causes include chronic viral infections, food allergy, adrenal gland dysfunction, and many others. None of these have been convincingly documented in more than a minority of sufferers. In some people there is also difficulty sleeping, swollen lymph nodes, and/or mild fever. When there is muscle soreness, fibromyalgia may be the actual problem. Although CFS is considered a modern diagnosis, it may have existed for centuries under other names, such as “the vapors,” neurasthenia, “effort syndrome” (diagnosed in World War I veterans), hypoglycemia, and chronic mononucleosis.

In the last issue of the Willner Chemists product reference catalog, we explained how a homeopathic prepartion, Taurox, from Allergy Research Group, can help those suffering from fatigue.
Taurox contains a substance that works by modulating immune system function, rather than as a stimulant. This is important, as Tom Kaber pointed out in that article:
“The remedies used to alleviate general fatigue are almost always some type of stimulant. Americans spend well over $100 billion dollars every year to “self-medicate” themselves with caffeine and sugar. They spend another $100 billion on illegal recreational drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines. For people suffering from fatiguing illnesses, medical doctors often prescribe antidepressants such as Prozac and Zoloft, to the tune of $7 billion annually. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Americans spend over $12 billion a year on herbs, of which a sizeable portion is for “energy boosters” such as Ma Huang (ephedra) and ginseng.
“All these substances generally address one or more of the same mechanisms to alleviate fatigue. They stimulate the central nervous system, which increases blood pressure and heart rate; they stimulate the endocrine system to produce more adrenaline (which in turn stimulates our central nervous system); they elevate blood sugar; and/or they alter brain chemistry. These approaches yield short-term results but often have long-term side effects. They stress the body and can eventually lead to a variety of illnesses — and increased fatigue.”
Taurox was one solution.
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