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Black Seed Aids Weight Loss

Black Seed Aids Weight Loss


Doctors reviewed 13 black seed (nigella sativa) studies covering 875 obese men and women. In 10 of the studies, participants taking black seed lost weight compared to placebo. In 11 of the studies, body mass index scores improved for black seed, and in eight studies, waist circumference decreased.

In another review of 11 black seed studies, obese participants that took black seed lost an average of 4.65 pounds, 1.38 inches in waist circumference, and body mass index scores improved.

In all the studies, black seed was safe, with participants reporting no serious side effects.

(References: Complementary Therapies in Medicine; June, 2018, Vol. 38, 48-57; Journal of Ethnopharmacology; June, 2018, Vol. 219, 173-81)

Note: Black seed is an annual flowering plant native to southwest Asia and the Mediterranean. It is used as a flavoring agent. It is also used medicinally in many Middle Eastern, Asian, and African countries.

Black seed is has been recommended for conditions such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, male infertility, and mastalgia.
It is available in powder and oil form, and topical gels.

Black Seed is also known as Black Cumin. The usual dose is 500 mg.

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