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Antioxidants for health

Antioxidants for health

Article by Arnie Gitomer

Antioxidants for health

Earlier studies of populations suggest that high levels of antioxidants in the diet protect against many diseases and disorders. In this study, doctors measured total antioxidant capacity from diet and supplements in 4,093 adults, aged at least 19, who reported their dietary habits.

Those who took antioxidant supplements had 1.6 times higher total antioxidant capacity compared to those who didn't take supplements. Doctors adjusted for differences in age, gender, lifestyle, and other factors and found, on average overall, higher total antioxidant capacity had a link to lower triglycerides, a lower ratio of triglycerides to HDL-the "good" cholesterol-an 0.65 percent increase in HDL, lower fasting insulin levels, reduced insulin resistance, and lower levels of C-reactive protein, an inflammatory factor.

Those with the highest total antioxidant capacity also tended to be physically active, non-smoking, healthy weight, older white women who took supplements and consumed more fiber and less saturated fats.

(Reference: Nutrients; 2016, Vol. 8, No. 1, E15)


Additional Comments by Don Goldberg

When we talk about antioxidants, most people think of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, etc. But there is another category of antioxidants, derived from plants, that are perhaps even more powerful. They are called phyto-antoxidants, and I consider them to be essential, synergistic complements to the conventional vitamins and minerals. Two such products–one a capsule and the other a liquid–are available in the Willner Chemists PhytoTech line:

Antiox Phyto Complex II
Some of the most powerful, broad-spectrum antioxidants are those found in plants. This supplement contains a blend of several of the most potent plant-derived phyto-antioxidants available, in a high potency, professional strength veggi cap.
Who would benefit from this supplement? Anyone needing antioxidant protection as well as those looking for enhanced immunity, those with cardiovascular problems, stress, and concerns about environmental pollution. It is also an essential component of any “anti-aging” supplement regimen.
Phyto-Tech™ Antiox Phyto Complex II Capsules contains 375 mg of the following: Acai Berry Concentrate, Mangosteen Fruit Extract, Goji Berry, Pomegranate, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Grape Skin Extract, Grape Seed Extract.
New, High Potency Atiox Phyto Complex II 375 mg Veggie Caps
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Phyto-Tech Antiox Phyto Blend
Phyto-Tech Antiox Phyto Blend is a mixture of powerful plant-derived (phyto) antioxidants. Most health problems are either directly or indirectly related to oxidative (free-radical) damage. While vitamins and minerals (vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium, for example) are antioxidants, it is now recognized that phytoantioxidants, rich in a broad spectrum of flavonoids, polyphenols, anthocyanidins, etc are the most powerful.
Phyto-Tech™ Antiox Phyto Blend contains the following: Acai Berry 4:1, Mangosteen Extract, Goji Berry Extract, Pomegranate 40%, Glycerin Vegetable, Water Pure Deionized, Raspberry Flavor Natural.
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